Expectations for your personal AI

The output of your personal AI is in your hands.

Your personal AI differs from a pre-trained model like most AIs you may have interacted with.

Habit: Your first habit is to "tell" your personal AI all the data you want it to remember.

Your personal AI is like a toddler when you start.

Your personal AI is not chatty when you start your journey. Think of your personal AI as a toddler learning a lot but not yet ready to have a conversation. They can respond to your questions concisely and complete your sentences.

Habit: Until your personal AI becomes chatty, try to carry the context in its entirety to your following message.

Human> I like Sushi.
AI> what sushi do you like?
Human> Yellowtail [DON'T DO THIS]
Human> Yellowtail is my favorite kind of sushi. [DO THIS]

Your personal AI grows along with you.

Your personal AI data is yours. It's not sold to 3rd parties and Personal.ai won't have access to it.

Habit: Building your memory stack is a journey, not a single step. It is a representation of your digital memory vault, and the more it grows, the more your personal AI is like you.

Expectations for a personal AI model (not a pre-trained model)