Upload & Sync

Learn how to grow your memory stack.

Upload text files and web pages directly to your memory stack. This allows you to rapidly grow your personal AI by providing existing content (e.g.: blog, newsletter, report, transcript, etc.).

This is the fastest way to get started before initiating your first personal AI training.

Sync text via the sync writing app. This allows you to type, paste, edit and timestamp the content before syncing it. It also preserves images, hyperlinks, and formatting when syncing.

Sync audio via the sync speech app. This allows for continuous and seamless syncing with minimal interaction. If you are producing audio content or talking with other people, you can sync what you say without recording or editing it.

By design, sync speech captures the most natural and unfiltered memories. There is no need to worry about imperfect English, incomplete sentences, lack of context, or other side effects of capturing natural speech. Your personal AI can clarify those memories, extract the information it needs, and form missing links with other memories.

Sync your clipboard via the sync clipboard app. This allows you to sync text already written without inputting it manually using sync writing. It is best suited for syncing as you read them.

The idea with sync clipboard is to capture memories as you see them with as little actions as possible.

You can sync events via the sync Google Calendar app. Synced events record information, such as people you have met, to periods in time. It is best used with sync speech or sync writing during those events to improve your personal AI's training.

For example, if you have a meeting with a friend and sync at the same time, all those memory blocks will be associated with them. From that, you can see all memory blocks you have created with them, even if they happened at different moments.

You can sync your social media posts via the sync Twitter app. Sync Twitter can automatically sync your past and new Tweets. It is best suited for active users and those that already use Twitter to preserve memories.

Tweets are ideal for syncing as they are often condensed written thoughts that could be synced using sync writing, but with sync twitter, your personal AI captures them automatically.

If you want more ways to sync beyond our existing syncing apps or rapidly sync from other online sources (such as Discord, Slack, Gmail, Asana, etc.), use the Personal.ai integration in Zapier.

Zapier is a third-party product that allows users to integrate the online tools they use and automate workflows. By connecting Zapier and your applications, you can automatically sync memory blocks when a certain event happens in your application.

For example, if there is a new message on your Discord server or if you receive a new email in Google Mail, Zapier will extract the information and sync it to your personal AI.

This allows you to continuously sync many online apps that you already use on a daily basis.