Does using Personal AI require coding?

No. You only take care of providing as much information to your personal AI as possible. We take care of improving our algorithms so your personal AI keeps evolving.

Personal AI allows you to train your personal AI on data that you create as an individual. The data is captured in real time as you lead your life and is structured into Memory Blocks. Your Memory Blocks are unique and private, and your data is owned solely by you.

With your personal AI, you train it by continuously providing it knowledge via our syncing apps.

  • With Sync Speech, you can record and automatically transcribe your conversations, meetings, and spoken thoughts;
  • With Sync Writing, you can record your written thoughts;
  • With Sync Clipboard, you can record websites you visit, documents you read, or rapidly record content you have already typed;
  • With Sync Twitter, you can record your social media posts;
  • With Sync Google Calendar, you can record events in your life, when they take place and with whom.

With that information, your personal AI populates your Memory Stack and trains itself to better know you. You then retrieve information from it using our recalling features (coming soon).

  • With Predict (coming soon), your personal AI can complete your sentences, such as "I met ..." or "I wrote about ...", providing you a quick way to search and access your Memory Stack.
  • With Compose (coming soon), your personal AI can draft written content for you on a subject it learned. This accelerates writing emails, blog posts, bios, and more.
  • With Message (coming soon), your personal AI can converse with you, other people, and other personal AIs.
For more information on what it can do, visit our overview of your personal AI's features.