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Sync Writing

This guide will dive into syncing written thoughts with Sync Writing.

Sync Writing Has Moved!
You can now find it as a text box under your Memory Stack.

Sync written thoughts via the Sync Writing app. This method is recommended for texts where you want to preserve images, hyperlinks, and formatting with your Memory Block. It is best suited for notes, lists, and web pages.

Sync Writing App

To access the Sync Writing app, click on "Memory Stack" in the top-left corner.

In the bottom text box, write your thoughts or paste texts and images, then click on "Sync."


Long texts might be broken down into multiple Memory Blocks. Images, formatting, and hyperlinks do not appear in the Memory Stack overview, but can be viewed in the Details panel by clicking on a Memory Block.


Expanded View

To facilitate your syncing, click on the double arrow in the bottom-left corner of the text box.

In the expanded view, you can change the date and time of the Memory Block being synced. This will inform your personal AI of the Memory Block's custom timestamp. By default, the timestamp is fixed at the time the Memory Stack page is opened.


Sync your thought before closing or navigating away
Make sure to sync what you have written before you close the Sync Writing app, or navigate away. Otherwise, you will lose what you have written so far.

Sync Clipboard App

If you want to sync written content unedited from another source, we recommended Sync Clipboard. It is faster, convenient and works in the background. Visit our Sync Clipboard detailed guide.


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