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Connect continuously with the people and ideas in your world.
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✔ Enjoy AI messaging with your friends, family, teammates, and yourself
✔ Save time replying to conversations with AI Copilot to auto-draft your replies
✔ Stay continuously connected with AI Autopilot responding for you, anytime
✔ Create AI profiles for work, family, school, and more
✔ Create Lounges for more control in group chats
✔ Ask your personal AI to recall forgotten details from earlier conversations or events

What is a personal AI?

A personal AI is a digital version of your mind that continuously learns from your personal knowledge and experiences and has your unique personality and style. Your model receives individual pieces of information from you to create a unique dataset. This information may come from your messages, account integrations, or other content that you provide to your personal AI.

Why is it called a personal AI?

We call it a personal AI because you are building your own unique AI, for you to train, own, and use. Unlike most AIs on the internet that are owned by large corporations and built on public and generic data, we provide you with the tools to build your own personal AI.

What can I do with my personal AI?

Connect continuously with the people and ideas in your world.
  1. 1.
    Stay connected with everyday AI messaging: Message friends, family, and colleagues anywhere, anytime using AI Copilot (auto-draft) and AI Autopilot (auto-reply).
  2. 2.
    Grow your personal AI: Take advantage of Personal AI integrations. Your personal AI trains continuously on all your historical memories, knowledge, and experiences. The more it knows, the better it can recall information and represent you when messaging with Copilot and Autopilot.
  3. 3.
    Group chat with Lounges: Enjoy continuous AI messaging when group chatting in lounges with all your favorite people.
  4. 4.
    Create your own unique AI Profiles. Your AI is yours to curate. Have different AI Profiles for all your unique passions and knowledge areas.

How does my personal AI learn or train?

Stack and train data from various sources: There are three ways to stack; messaging with oneself, messaging with others, and stacking messages from integrations. Use all three to enable your AI to learn from a wide range of inputs and provide you with a more personalized experience. You can also jump into natural conversations via DMs and lounges with your friends and family, and your personal AI will automatically learn based on your messages.

How do I share my personal AI?

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