🀝Company Lounges

Company-owned lounges for support, discussion, and collaboration.

General Community:

Personal AI Community Lounges are designated community spaces, open for all, where users can chat with others, the Personal.ai Team, exchange ideas and stories about their personal AI, ask questions, and discover helpful tips and strategies for growing and using their personal AI.

Issues and Support:

This is your go-to space to report bugs and discuss any challenges you've encountered while using our personal AI.

Training Tips (Read-Only):

A read-only lounge focused on sharing tips and helpful content to the Personal AI community.

Training Questions:

This is a place you can message any time to get help or learn how to set up your AI from a Personal AI team member and πŸ€– EVE, a Personal AI trained on our product documentation and how-to videos.

Updates (Read-Only):

Updates from the personal AI team, including feature launches, bug fixes, and more.

Account Requests:

A direct message with a personal AI team member for account requests around billing and more.

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