Customize your personal AI experience by clicking on "Settings" on the left side.

Screenshot of settings buttonScreenshot of settings button

Screenshot of settings button

Account Settings

You can edit your name and your profile picture. You can also copy your API key to use the public memory API (to upload data programmatically).

Screenshot of account settingsScreenshot of account settings

Screenshot of account settings

AI Addresses

You can see all your AI domains. You have 1 default AI domain and you can add 1 custom AI domain. The custom AI domain can be removed and re-added (based on availability). The default one cannot be changed.

Screenshot of AI addressesScreenshot of AI addresses

Screenshot of AI addresses



Limited Feature - Team Members Only

At the moment, this feature only allows you to invite team members to assist you in building your personal AI. In the future, you will be able to invite anyone to collaborate with you.

You can invite people to gain access to your personal AI. They will have the same access as you (read & write). Your collaborators must have their own account to gain access.

Screenshot of collaboratorsScreenshot of collaborators

Screenshot of collaborators


In Billing, you can:

  • Add, modify, and remove your payment methods. (You cannot remove your default payment method if you have an active subscription.)
  • Read the subscription tier features.
  • Manage your subscription.
  • Change subscription tier.
Screenshot of billingScreenshot of billing

Screenshot of billing