Upload it. Interact with it.

Stack large text such as documents, books, biographies, or white papers, then ask questions or get key highlights.

Input: Open the AI editor and paste the text. Please give it a title and stack it by clicking on the upload button on the bottom-right of the AI editor.

Tip: Later, when your memory stack grows, and you have creative and chat models, your personal AI will generate responses and suggestions with time-decay in mind. In other words, recent information in your memory stack will take priority over older information, but your personal AI will still use all that is available.

  • Use the time component to set the memory's or document's date and time when it is essential.
  • Add a title that you can use to find the document easily later on. You'll use this to set the context for a question or prompt later in the message bar.
  • Enter topics (#) to maintain the connection amongst memory blocks created in the document beyond AI-generated topics.

Example: Paste a document written back in 2016. It has good information about you, your childhood, and some technologies that you worked on. Since it's an older document, set the date to 2016 and stack it by pressing the purple button in the bottom right corner.

Output: Once the document is stacked, your personal AI will generate topics found in the document. Your personal AI will also generate questions that it can answer. You can find these as auto-completions during later recalls. In addition, you can generate a Q&A report or show key highlights from the document.

Tip: To find a document using its title, type : followed by one or more words, and your personal AI will find suggestions from your memory stack.

If you add the document tag to a question, your personal AI will prioritize finding the answer within the document.

Use cases:

  • Ask filtered questions by adding in the title (:titlename) when asking questions. (ex: what is your passion? :my history).
  • Generate key highlights, topics, and a Q&A report (questions and answers) around the specific document/content that you saved to your stack.
  • Copy and paste pre-existing content and documents into the AI editor to bootstrap your AI.
  • Remember any information that you stacked and interact with this data in the future by asking your personal AI questions.

To learn about other upload methods (ex: google drive, PDFs, etc.) to bootstrap your AI and keep it up to date, go to the "Upload your data" section