Learn about our own terminologies.
When talking about your personal AI, we have our own terminologies. This short list introduces you to our world.
  • A personal AI is your unique AI model. Your model receives individual pieces of information from you to create a unique dataset. This information may come from your messages, account integrations, or other content that you provide to your personal AI.
  • A personal score, shown as a percentage, represents the accuracy and authenticity of a message created by your personal AI based on your available information.
  • The collection of all information stored in a personal AI is a memory stack.
  • Stack is the shortened version of Memory Stack. Also, this word can be an action meaning 'save to your Memory Stack.'
  • Individual pieces of information provided to the personal AI are stored as memory blocks.
  • A personal AI user can upload information to their memory stack in the form of youtube files, URLs, and more.
  • A personal AI user can sync information to their memory stack through our in-app integrations (ex: Twitter) and by connecting other apps that stream data continuously (ex: Zapier).