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How do I find a Memory Block?

There are 3 ways to find a Memory Block: by navigating your timeline, by using the Explore app, or via the search bar.

The Stack page of your application is where you explore your Memory Stack. You can navigate your timeline to view your history chronologically, you can use filters to explore your Memory Stack, and you can use the search bar.

To open the Stack page, click on the stack icon in the top-left corner.

In the center, you can scroll up and down to navigate your Memory Blocks chronologically.



The Explore app allows you to filter your Memory Blocks by topics, people, emotions, sources, and sentence types. You can also view your favorite Memory Blocks. From the Stack page, the Explore app is opened by clicking on the diagram icon on the middle-right.

In the Explore app, click on a suggested filter or manually type one in the appropriate context. Results are refreshed automatically after every filter change.

Active filters are highlighted in purple. Click on a filter in the Explore app or at the top to remove it.


Possible filters adapt dynamically to the current search. That means a filter option may disappear if it has no relations with the remaining Memory Blocks.

For more information on exploring your Memory Stack, visit our detailed guide on the Stack page.