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Sync Twitter

This guide will dive into Sync Twitter.

Sync social media posts and messages via the Sync Twitter app. Sync Twitter can automatically sync your past and new Tweets. It is best suited for active users and those that already use Twitter to preserve memories.

HubSpot Video

The above video displays an outdated version of your personal AI. We will create new videos to showcase our new interface.

Linking the App & Adding your First Account

To add the Sync Twitter app to your personal AI, open the Link App window by clicking on the "+" icon in the top-right corner. Click on "Sync" under Twitter.


Pop-Up Blocker
You may need to temporarily enable pop-ups to link Google Calendar and Twitter to your personal AI. See the troubleshooting guide for more details.

You'll be redirected to a Twitter webpage where you select which account to link.

You need to authorize Personal.ai to access your Twitter account for the integration to function.


If you have linked your accounts, the first pop-up window will display "You have successfully connected Twitter to Personal AI!" The second pop-up window is blank.


You can close both pop-up windows and return to your personal AI. You may need to reload the application to see the added Twitter account.

Viewing Synced Twitter Activity

Once your account is linked, your personal AI will monitor your Twitter account and automatically sync your Tweets and replies, past and new.

To view them, click on the Twitter icon on the top-right corner. Your Twitter Memory Blocks appear in the Sync Twitter app.

You can also view your Twitter Memory Blocks in your Memory Stack.


To view the Twitter Memory Block in your Memory Stack, click on "View in Stack."


To delete the Twitter Memory Block, click on "Delete."


Multiple Accounts

To link multiple Twitter accounts to your personal AI, use the same method as your first account or click on "+ Add Account" in the Sync Twitter app.


Syncing Replies

You can decide to sync or not Twitter replies. Non-replying Tweets are always synced.

To access that setting, click on the gear icon next to the Twitter account to display the configurations.


Turn on/off reply syncing by clicking on the toggle switch.


Deleting a Twitter Account

You can delete a Twitter account and its associated data from your personal AI.

Deleting a Twitter account will disconnect it from your personal AI. Memory Blocks that were already synced will remain, but no new Tweets will be synced.

Deleting a Twitter account and its data will disconnect it account from your personal AI and remove all synced Tweets.

Click on the gear icon next to the Twitter account to display the configurations and click on "Delete."



Click on "Delete Account Only" or "Delete Account & Data." This action is irreversible.



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