Accelerator Program

Learn about our accelerator program to help creators get started.

Shortly after signing up on as a creator, you may be selected to take part in our accelerator program. In that case, you will receive an email invitation from one of our team members.

The goal of the accelerator program is to make training and launching your personal AI as effortless as possible. In return, we ask for your commitment to dedicate focused time to the process to ensure success.

The accelerator is broken up into 4 sessions to ensure we build the skills for your future success. Each session involves hands-on walk-throughs as well as exercises to better utilize the in-person time.

Step 1: Introduction and Upload

In this session, we will explore the possibilities of your personal AI, go through your goals, and walk through different ways for you to upload data to your personal AI.

Step 2: Train and Explore

After 1 week, we will demonstrate the different ways you can message and interact with your personal AI. Then, we will walk through how to test your personal AI's accuracy and authenticity.

Step 3: Launch Strategy

After another week, we will go through your AI trust report to help improve and optimize your personal AI. Next, we will plan a launch strategy to share your personal AI with your community.

Step 4+: Check-In

After your personal AI is successfully launched, we will provide monthly check-ins to see how everything is going and give you support to make sure you’re getting the most out of your personal AI.