FAQ - Overview

What is a personal AI?

A personal AI is a digital version of your mind that continuously learns from your personal knowledge and experiences, has your unique personality and style, and is able to interact and collaborate with your digital community.

Why is it called a personal AI?

We call it a personal AI because you are building your own unique AI, for you to train, own, and use. Unlike most AI's on the internet that are owned by large corporations and built on public and generic data, we provide you with the tools to build your own personal AI.

What can I do with my personal AI?

Gain independence, get inspired, create what you want and what your community values.

  1. Train your personal AI: Upload and train your personal AI on all your historical memories, knowledge and experiences in order to create utility and value from your data.
  2. Share your personal AI: Build and grow a community by sharing inspirations and knowledge, exchanging ideas, solving problems, and mastering skills together.
  3. Launch your economy: Create a digital economy around your personal AI through a monthly membership. Membership enables access, rewards, and other creative interactions.

Does using Personal AI require coding?

No. You only take care of providing as much information to your personal AI as possible via our apps and features. We take care of improving our algorithms so your personal AI keeps evolving.