Pop-ups blocked during linking apps

If you do not see the pop-ups to link Google Calendar or Twitter, temporarily disable pop-ups on your browser and try again using the web application.


When linking Twitter or Google Calendar to your personal AI account, the required 2 pop-up does not show up. The problem can manifest where only 1 pop-up appears or 0 pop-up appears.

Workaround (Multiple Steps)

  1. Enable pop-ups temporarily for your browser. Depending on your browser, the steps to allow pop-ups are different. You may allow pop-ups for https://personal.ai only or for all websites.
  2. Once you have changed the settings, close any previous pop-up windows or tabs.
  3. Navigate back to your application and retry linking your Google Calendar or your Twitter account. Continuing from the error message page will not work.


Reset your settings

If you have temporarily allowed all pop-ups, it is recommended to block all pop-ups after you have linked your apps.