Secure Account

Learn how to create your account and secure it with Oasis Labs.



If you need help creating a new account, please contact us at [email protected].

Creating your Account

Create your AI

To create your new account, visit our main page at and click on "Create Your AI" in the top-right corner.


Screenshot of "Create Your AI" on main website

Basic Information

Provide your name and a valid email address.

Read our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice. If you agree with them, check the boxes and click on "Continue."


Screenshot of basic information required during account creation

Email Verification

A verification email will be sent to your inbox. Copy the 6-digit code from the email and paste it on the account creation page.


Screenshot of verification email sent during account creation


Screenshot of verification code request during account creation

Customer Profile

To better help you, we ask that you answer a few questions about creating your personal AI.


Screenshot of beginning of profile questionnaire


Select 1 role that describes you best or write your own answer using the "Other" option.


Screenshot of role options


Select all the types of content you create.


Screenshot of content list


Select all the platforms where you distribute your content.


Screenshot of platform list


Provide links showing the content you create. This helps us understand what you do and how it relates to your personal AI.


Screenshot of content links


Provide an estimate of the size of your community across all platforms.


Screenshot of community size


Describe your interests and goals in creating a personal AI.


Screenshot of goal for creating personal AI

Use Cases

Select one or more use cases you want for your personal AI, or write your own answer using the "Other" option.


Screenshot of use cases for creating personal AI

Community Experience

Describe what you want to provide to your community with your personal AI, including content, experiences, interactions, monetization, etc.


Screenshot of community experiences for creating personal AI


Select your level of experience and involvement with Web3 features.


Screenshot of Web3 experience level


Select how you heard about or write your own answer using the "Other" option.


Screenshot of referral source

Anything Else

If you have anything else you want to provide to the team to better help you create your personal AI, describe it on this page.


Screenshot of additional information in profile questionnaire


Our team would like to discuss with creators to better understand your needs and goals. If you are interested in continuing the conversation, select "Yes" to the question.


Screenshot of reaching out to select creators


We are currently in closed beta and we will notify you when you can start training your personal AI. Be on the lookout for an email from our team.


Screenshot of questionnaire completed

Oasis Labs Account

Upon gaining access to the application, you need to link your account to Oasis.

Oasis provides a decentralized identity system that will allow you to control, consent, and revoke access to the data you create with your personal AI in the future.

Click on "Secure my account with Oasis." You will be redirected to an Oasis page.


Screenshot of option to secure account with Oasis decentralized identity

Email & Password or Google SSO

You can choose between creating a new Oasis account and linking your Google account to Oasis.

In either case, it must use the same email as your account.


Screenshot of sign up option on Oasis login page


Screenshot of Oasis sign up via username/password or Google SSO

Email, Password & 2-Factor Authentication

After providing the same email used for your personal AI and creating a new password, Oasis requires 2-factor authentication. Use your preferred authenticator app (such as Google Authenticator on iOS or Android) to secure your account.

From your authenticator app, scan the QR code to link your account. Then, type the 6-digit code from your app into the text box.


Screenshot of Oasis 2-factor authentication

Oasis provides you with a recovery code for your account in case you are unable to provide your 2-factor authentication code. Make sure to keep it safe (and preferably not on the same device as your authenticator app).


Screenshot of Oasis 2-factor recovery code

Google SSO

Alternatively, you can link your Google account (it does not need to be specifically) to Oasis to create your account.

The Google email used must be the same as your email.

Oasis Labs Legal Agreement

After creating your Oasis account, read and accept Oasis' Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions, and select "Share and continue."

This links your account to Oasis and you will be redirected back to From now on, you will need to log in using Oasis.


Screenshot of Oasis agreement page