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Stacking and Training Strategies Cheatsheet

Message in DM or Lounges with...
My Close Family and Friends
My Social Network
My Team
My Customers or Clients
My Self
about specific dimensions organized in AI profile ..
My Life
My Activities
My Projects
My Products
My Knowledge
to ..
Deepen connection
Stay informed
Effectively collaborate
Save time responding
Create second brain
by continuously training on..
Personal facts, preferences, stories, hobbies, traits etc
Personal posts, announcements, opinions, events, etc
Personal information and data exchange in settings such as group, company, community, org etc in a collaboration setting.
Personal content useful in specific context such how-to, books, newsletters, faqs, material
Personal knowledge from research, reading, meeting, listening and watching
that is usually captured in..
Usually captured by journaling or telling in text chats and conversations.
Usually captured in social media, blogs, speeches, dinings, and calendars.
Usually captured in communication, collaboration and information sharing tools.
Usually captured in documents, emails, websites, and videos.
Usually captured in pdfs, blogs, note taking tools, meeting recording tools, books, podcasts, videos and tv shows
that you can achieve day by day ..
Do this by messaging text with your F&F or yourself
Do this by messaging share links of social media posts or copy pasting data
Do this by messaging in AI-lounge designated for the project purpose and using text, url and attachments for exchanging information.
Do this by messaging attachments, supported links, and copy pasting content.
Do this by messaging notes, attaching files, supported links, and copy pasting data.
and fast track historical by importing from ..
iMessage, Whatsapp, Gmail
Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Medium, Calendar
Drive, Slack, Discord, OneDrive, Dropbox
Drive, Gmail, Crawler, Youtube, Coursera, Udemy
RSS Feed, Obsidian/Roam, Zoom, Podcast Lists, etc
as a best practice, stack as if you are a..
autobiographer in the first person
speaker on stage in the first person and clear expression
manager communicating information in first person and full statements
specialist quickly getting right information across
journalist with who said what and citations
consider these examples for outgoing text message data formats
"I was born in India. My favorite color is yellow. My cofounder is @Sharon Zhang"
"I think we can all argue that humans now are more selfish with little to no empathy for others."
"A maintenance banner inside the app might be more useful for the weekend cutover."
"You can cancel the account by enter a account deletion request from the help menu of the app."
"#Blockchain is useful for #AI in applications such as data #ownership. As @Forte Tiago said network of data is all that is required for creating a second brain. I can group all relevant information in :Second Brain Info"
consider these examples for incoming message intents/prompt for AI to potentially draft responses
"I am ordering tshirt for your birthday. What color do you prefer?"
"Dude.. the people in that meeting were mean"
"any ideas how we can easily tell customers about weekend maintenance"
"I want to cancel my account. How do I do that?"
"how is #Blockchain and #AI related to each other?"