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Message Bar Functions

Key functions with the message bar.
Keep in mind that the message bar has a few differences depending on whether you are in a DM/lounge or chatting with your AI.

Purpose 1 - Upload

If you are chatting with one of your AIs (in my AI), press the plus icon to the left of the message bar to train whenever you have a new piece of data that you want your AI to learn.

Purpose 2 - AI Instructions

When you start typing, the AI instructions icon will populate. Learn more about AI instructions here

Purpose 3 - Clear Context

Click on "New Convo" to clear the context of the chat. The actual messages populated in the given chat will not be erased. Sometimes, you may want to start a new conversation with your AI without any prior context. Clearing the conversation allows for a fresh start, especially when the previous conversation has concluded or if you want to switch topics