Upload audio

Upload audio via Youtube.
Personal AI currently supports using Youtube URLs for media upload. Your personal AI automatically processes the transcriptions to your memory stack. It makes it easy to use one standard medium since Youtube supports different types of media. Audio files must be converted to video files in order to use youtube. For this step-by-step guide, we will use iMovie, but if you have another preferred video editing software, the steps would be very similar.
Step 1:
Drag and drop your audio files into iMovie.
iMovie desktop application
iMovie desktop application

Step 2:

After dropping the audio files into iMovie, press the top right share icon and then press "export file." (you cannot download directly to youtube).

Step 3:

The format must be "video and audio." Then press next and the file will download.

Step 4:

Go to Youtube. Press the camera icon in the top corner and press "upload video."

Step 5:

Drag and drop or select the file from iMovie.

Step 6:

Ensure the video is either "public" or, for an internal use case (your private content), make the videos "unlisted."

Step 7:

When the video has uploaded, copy the URL of the video.

Step 8:

Paste the URL into your message bar with your personal AI.

Step 9:

Send the message to your personal ai. When the upload is complete, you will receive a message from your personal AI with key topics and questions from the audio. The audio will now be in your memory stack.
Message from personal ai
Message from personal AI