Learn about extracting value out of your personal AI.

As you continue to teach your personal AI, here is how you can extract value from your personal AI for cases you want to solve.

  1. Get started by using commands to orient your personal AI corpus. Examples:
    • !top: Understand the most relevant topics in your entire personal AI;
    • !monthly: Given a time frame (day, week, month, year), understand the top trending topics.
  1. Discover insights by clicking on existing topics or by using commands.
  1. Explore your memory stack using the search bar.
  1. Interact by messaging your personal AI by typing the beginning of a sentence. Examples:
    • A personal AI is
    • Dogs are awesome because
  1. Write with the help of your personal AI by giving it a writing prompt. Examples:
    • A personal AI is a unique AI model
    • Memory retention is an important problem to tackle
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