Discord Community

Screenshot of Discord serverScreenshot of Discord server

Screenshot of Discord server

What is Discord?

Discord is a persistent free voice, video, and text chat app to talk and hang out. Private servers allow friends and communities to stay in touch and spend time together, while public servers allow people from all over the world to gather and converse around shared topics and interests.

Who can join the Discord server?

Anyone can join. You don't need a Personal.ai account, you can just join our community and see if it interests you.

What is the Discord server used for?

Our Discord server is a place where our creators, other members of the community, and our Personal.ai team members can chat about our product, AIs, technology, ethics, or the upcoming holidays. You can also seek technical support, report bugs, and suggest new features for your personal AI.

How do I join the Discord server?

Use this link: Join the Personal.ai Discord Community.

To see all the channels, you need to accept the community rules and introduce yourself. You will then receive the community role.