Connect with your AI

Interacting with your AI requires you to connect with it.

By default, your personal AI's model is offline. This means you can use the application, sync new Memory Blocks, and explore your Memory Stack, but to converse with your personal AI, it needs to first be connected.


Click on "My AI" in the top-left corner. This displays your messaging history with your personal AI.

To connect your personal AI, click on the toggle in the bottom-right corner.

While the connection is taking place, it will say "Connecting" in the bottom corner with a grey dot. It takes between 1 and 5 minutes.

Once your personal AI is ready, it says "Connected" in the bottom-right corner with a green dot.

Screenshot of AI connectingScreenshot of AI connecting

Screenshot of AI connecting

Online Features

When you are connected with your personal AI, you unlock:

  • Message;
  • Compose;
  • Related generative commands (/blog, /compose, /message, etc.).

Offline Features

Without connecting with your personal AI, you can:


Closing the application (web or desktop) does not disconnect your personal AI.

To disconnect from your personal AI, click on the toggle in the bottom-right corner. Your personal AI will go to sleep and will require a new connection.

This releases computational power and allows other creators to connect to their personal AI.

Screenshot of AI disconnectingScreenshot of AI disconnecting

Screenshot of AI disconnecting