Learn how to direct message with your personal AI.

Your personal AI is not a static collection of notes and recordings; it is an interactive AI that provides you with the information you need by combing through your memory blocks.

We believe that interacting with your personal AI through natural language is easier, more intuitive, and more fun. That is why we are continuously developing direct message, a conversational framework that allows you (and other people you choose in the future) to communicate directly with your personal AI.


To start interacting with your personal AI, you need to train it at least once.

To learn more about training your personal AI, read our detailed guide.


By default, your personal AI's model is offline. This means you can use the application, sync new memory blocks, and explore your memory stack, but to converse with your personal AI, it needs to first be connected.

To connect with your personal AI, click on "My AI" in the top-left corner and click on the toggle in the bottom-right corner.

While the connection is taking place, it will say "Connecting" in the bottom corner with a grey dot. It takes between 1 and 5 minutes. Once your personal AI is ready, it says "Connected" in the bottom-right corner with a green dot.


Screenshot of personal AI connecting


To chat with your personal AI, type a message in the bottom text box, and click on "AI Predict" in the bottom-right corner or press "Return/Enter."

In the current conversational model, your personal AI responds best to a prompt that is an unfinished sentence such as "A memory stack is." Using "What is a memory stack?" will also work, but it is less recommended to obtain the best responses.

In any case, chat freely with your personal AI and learn what it knows and what you could teach it.


Screenshot of direct message prompt

When chatting with your personal AI, your messages are displayed next to your profile picture (or your initials) with a purple dot.

Your personal AI's messages are displayed with a green dot (gray if your personal AI is disconnected) and an "AI" tag is also visible.


Screenshot of personal AI response

Similarly to regular memory blocks, your personal AI's messages may be broken into multiple blocks.

AI Trust Score

An AI trust score between 0 % and 100 % is displayed above each personal AI message. It represents how personal the message is.

A high score indicates that your personal AI produced a unique response based on your memory stack and your prompt. In contrast, a low score indicates that your personal AI produced a more generic response, lacking information to improve it.

Hover over the AI trust score to display the breakdown.


Screenshot of AI trust score

3 aspects influence the AI trust score:

  • Accuracy represents how much the message is based on your memory stack.
    • To increase the score, sync memory blocks related to your prompt.
  • Style represents how much the message is influenced by your writing and speaking styles.
    • To increase the score, sync memory blocks using sync speech, or using sync writing by writing your thoughts in your style instead of copying text from another source.
  • Relevance represents how much the message is related to your input prompt.
    • To increase the score, refine your prompt and sync memory blocks related to it.