No audio synced via sync speech

While using sync speech, if your personal AI is not syncing your voice, check that sync speech is connected, uses the correct microphone, detects your sounds coming in, and recognizes your voice.


When using sync speech on the web or desktop application, no memory blocks are created when you speak.


Only 1 Sync Speech Session Active

Verify that sync speech is connected on the device you are syncing.

Multiple sync speech devices active at the same time can prevent each other from syncing correctly. You can keep multiple Personal AI open, but it is recommended to only keep 1 sync speech active.


Screenshot of sync speech

Correct Microphone

Verify that sync speech is monitoring the correct microphone.

Click on the down arrow to show the list and verify that the correct microphone is selected. You can override the microphone preference settings by manually clicking on one. Only 1 microphone can be active at a time.

If your microphone does not appear in the list:

  • If you are using the desktop application, verify that your computer has authorized Personal AI to access your microphone.
  • If you are using the web application, verify that the browser has authorized to access your microphone (and that your computer has authorized your browser to access your microphone).

If you need help with authorizing microphone access, contact us at [email protected].


Screenshot of microphone list

Sound Detected

When speaking clearly into your microphone, verify that sync speech recognizes your voice. The microphone icon should turn green. Other colors indicate that your personal AI is not detecting your voice:

  • Grey: Disconnected - Sync speech is deactivated and will not sync new memory blocks.
  • Green: Syncing - Your app is detecting your voice and creating new memory blocks.
  • Purple: Ready - Your app is ready to sync, but it is only detecting your background environment.
  • Black: Unknown - Your app is ready to sync, but it is only detecting an unknown background or speaker.
  • Black with a red bar: Muted - Your app is ready to sync, but it is muted and needs to be unmuted.

Screenshot of sync speech statuses (off, syncing, background-noise, unknown-speaker, unknown-environment)

If no sounds are detected by your personal AI, verify that your microphone is unmuted (physically and on your computer) and at a reasonable volume.

If there are a lot of background noises, your voice might not be detected correctly by your personal AI. While there is a built-in noise canceling algorithm during speech syncing, we recommend:

  • A dedicated microphone (built-in laptop microphone tend to pick a lot of computer noises, such as keyboards and fans);
  • A quiet environment;
  • A single person speaking at the same time (no overlapping discussions);
  • Avoiding other audio sources to be captured by your microphone (like music, television, videos, other people in the room).

Memory Blocks Appearing

While your speech is synced in real-time, your memory blocks may take up to a minute to appear. That is the time necessary for your personal AI to transcribe and process your audio. If the memory blocks do not appear in your memory stack, try refreshing the web or desktop application.

For more information on syncing spoken thoughts and advanced settings, visit our detailed guide on sync speech.

If you are still experiencing issues, contact us at [email protected].