Sync Clipboard

Learn how to quickly sync existing text via sync clipboard.


Supplemental Feature

This feature is only available to certain creators. If you are interested in using this feature or other supplemental ones, contact us at [email protected] or choose the Community subscription plan. We are working on add-ons for creators to enhance their personal AI.

Sync your clipboard via the sync clipboard app. This allows you to sync text already written without inputting it manually using sync writing. It is best suited for syncing as you read them.


Sync Clipboard on Desktop Only

Sync clipboard is only available on the desktop application, not on the web application.

OS Clipboard

The clipboard is a buffer that many operating systems have as a temporary storage for transferring within and between application programs. It is commonly accessed by copying/cutting data into it and pasting data out of it.

Your clipboard contains the last data you cut or copied. By default, the keyboard shortcut to cut is Cmd/Ctrl-X, and to copy is Cmd/Ctrl-C. You can also use the OS context menu (mouse right-click > Cut/Copy).

Sync clipboard syncs new memory blocks by directly looking at what you input into your OS clipboard.


Screenshot of example of copying text

Enabling Monitoring

Open the sync clipboard app by clicking on the clipboard icon in the top right corner.

Turn on/off clipboard syncing by clicking on the toggle switch.


Screenshot of sync clipboard being active

When activated, the app will monitor your OS clipboard continuously and sync any text it detects to your memory stack.


Mac Permissions

With Mac, you may need to restart Personal AI after granting it permission to access the system events (when using sync clipboard). Without restarting, sync clipboard may not function correctly.

Restarting Personal AI is again necessary if other system event permissions are granted for different applications on the computer.

Automatic and Manual Syncing

Text added via sync clipboard will be synced automatically after 60 seconds (by default). The green circle left of the text shows the elapsed time. During that time, you can trigger the syncing immediately by clicking the green check mark. You can decline the syncing by clicking the "X" mark.


Screenshot of copied text syncing

You can also review the clipboard memory blocks in the app, delete them, and open the stack page at that memory block. Note that deleting memory blocks cannot be undone.


Screenshot of memory blocks synced via clipboard

Using sync clipboard, your personal AI stores the sources of the copied text, such as Firefox, MS Word, Slack, and others. The source is displayed as an icon next to your memory block.

Sync Clipboard Settings


The above video displays an outdated version of your personal AI. We will create new videos to showcase our new interface.

You can customize how sync clipboard reacts to items in your clipboard.

Click on the gear icon to display the settings.


Screenshot of sync clipboard setting icon


By default, sync clipboard will sync the copied texts after 60 seconds. This can be changed to discarding the copied texts after 60 seconds (thus requiring manually accepting of every clipboard syncing).

To enable manual acceptance of sync clipboard, toggle the first option on.


Screenshot of sync clipboard setting - manual confirmation


Instead of turning sync clipboard off, you can pause syncing for a set amount of time. Sync clipboard will automatically resume after the set timer. This can be used when you need to copy a lot of text that isn't relevant to your memory stack (e.g., data table, URL, code block, etc.).

To pause sync clipboard, toggle the second option on and select a time from the drop-down menu.

To cancel the pause, click on "Turn Off."


Screenshot of sync clipboard setting - pause syncing

Minimum Length

By default, copied text equal or smaller than 5 words won't trigger sync clipboard. This prevents sync clipboard from syncing non-sentences like passwords, URLs, etc.

To change this setting, change the number in the third option.

To turn off this setting, type 0.


Screenshot of sync clipboard setting - minimum length