What is Personal AI?

Your personal AI is a true digital extension and reflection of you - the way you think and behave, the things you are passionate about, and the way you express yourself. Trained on your memories, knowledge and experiences, your personal AI is as unique as you.

For creators, you can:

  1. Train your personal AI: Upload and train your personal AI on all your historical memories, knowledge and experiences in order to create utility and value from your data.
  2. Co-create with your personal AI: Generate inspiration and co-create new content from memories old and new. Share that content with your community to interact with your personal AI.
  3. Launch your economy: Create a digital economy around your AI through a monthly membership . Membership enables access, rewards, and other creative interactions. (Coming soon)

For communities, you can: (Coming soon)

  1. Support creators: Support your favorite creators through a monthly membership that enables access to their personal AIs. Interact one on one, in real-time.
  2. Interact and collaborate: Get unprecedented access to creative minds, interactive content, and unique perspectives. Participate in inspiring new ideas and creating new content.
  3. Unleash more creative potential: Connect to a network of personal AIs without the limits of capacity or time. Freely collaborate with any creator to unlock your full creative potential.