What is the clipboard?

The OS clipboard is a buffer that many operating systems have as a temporary storage for transferring within and between application programs. It is most accessed by copying/cutting data into it and pasting data out of it.

Your clipboard contains the last data you cut or copied. By default, the keyboard shortcut to cut is Cmd/Ctrl-X, and to copy is Cmd/Ctrl-C. You can also use the OS context menu (mouse right-click > Cut/Copy).

Screenshot of example of copying textScreenshot of example of copying text

Screenshot of example of copying text

When you use Sync Clipboard, the app monitors your OS clipboard continuously and syncs any text it detects.

For example, if you are reading Wikipedia and you find an interesting article that you want to sync, simply select the article and copy it. If Sync Clipboard was enabled, the article will be automatically synced. You do not need to paste it into your personal AI.

For more information on syncing copied texts, visit our detailed guide on Sync Clipboard.