The output of your personal AI is in your hands.

Your personal AI differs from a pre-trained model like most AIs you may have interacted with.
Habit: Your first habit is to "tell" your personal AI all the data you want it to remember.

Your personal AI is like a toddler when you start.

Your personal AI is not chatty when you start your journey. Think of your personal AI as a toddler learning a lot but not yet ready to have a conversation. They can respond to your questions concisely and complete your sentences.
Habit: Until your personal AI becomes chatty, try to carry the context in its entirety to your following message.

Example (DM between Sam and John):

Sam> I like Sushi.
John> what sushi do you like?
Sam> Yellowtail [DON'T DO THIS]
Sam> Yellowtail is my favorite kind of sushi. [DO THIS]

Now next time you are asked about Sushi:

John> Hey, ordering Sushi. I forgot what sushi you like. Let me know.
Sam's AI> Yellowtail is my favorite kind of sushi.

Your personal AI grows along with you.

Your personal AI data is yours. It's not sold to 3rd parties and won't have access to it.
Habit: Building your memory stack is a journey, not a single step. It is a representation of your digital memory vault, and the more it grows, the more your personal AI is like you.