How do I sync new Memory Blocks?

The 2 main ways to sync are via Sync Speech, to record your conversations, and via Sync Writing, to type new Memory Blocks.

For a summary of our syncing functionalities, read our overview of your personal AI's features.

Sync Speech

The fastest and easiest method to sync new Memory Blocks is to enable Sync Speech. This is our recommended method, as it allows for continuous and seamless audio syncing with minimal interaction. It is best suited for conversations, meetings, and presentations.

To open the Sync Speech app, click on the speaking icon in the top-right corner. Turn on/off speech recording by clicking on the toggle switch or with Cmd/Ctrl-Y.

When activated, the app will monitor your microphone continuously and start syncing if it detects spoken words. The microphone will appear green when it is recording.

Note that not every sound will be synced, the system will first identify your voice in the recorded audio. You need to create a voice print so your personal AI can recognize you.


For more information on syncing spoken thoughts and advanced settings, visit our detailed guide on Sync Speech.

Sync Writing

This method is recommended if Sync Speech is not possible, or if the thought is hard for an automatic speech recognition software to transcribe. As a written syncing app, it is best suited for notes and lists.

To open the Sync Writing app, click on the pencil icon in the top-right corner or with Cmd/Ctrl-J.

To sync the written thought, click on the "Sync It" button or with Cmd/Ctrl-S.


For more information on syncing written thoughts, visit our detailed guide on Sync Writing.

Other Syncing Apps

To sync text already written without inputting it manually, use Sync Clipboard. It is best suited for syncing something you are reading or writing at another location. When activated, the Sync Clipboard will monitor your OS clipboard continuously and sync any text it detects.

To sync social media posts, use Sync Twitter. Sync Twitter can automatically sync your past and new Tweets.

To sync events, use Sync Google Calendar. Synced events record information, such as people you met and locations you visited, to periods in time. It is best used with Sync Speech or Sync Writing during those events to improve your personal AI's training.