⚡Zapier - Gmail to Personal AI⚡

Step-by-step for getting started and making your first zap below

1️⃣Start by setting up an account at zapier.com.

Once that’s done, press the orange ‘Create Zap’ button in the upper-left corner.

2️⃣Then continue by selecting your trigger. You can choose from many things, this example uses Gmail📫. Set the event to ‘new email’. Whenever there is a new email in the inbox📥 this zap ⚡ will be triggered.

3️⃣ Next, choose your ‘action’ 💥(what will happen when the trigger happens). Simply type in ‘personal.ai’.

4️⃣Zapier will prompt you to enter your Personal API key. 🗝️

5️⃣To access your Personal AI API key go to personal.ai -> click on profile image -> select settings. That will take your subscription screen. You will want to copy your Personal API Key to clipboard.

6️⃣If you do not have the upgraded version 🤷🏻‍♂️ you will see the Upgrade Button💪.

7️⃣ Now you can customize a message that will be sent to your Personal AI. ⚠️Helpful Tip: Use a combination of the Zapier info (i.e. sender and body) and some of your own writing to ensure that your Personal AI 🤖understands the data being sent.

8️⃣ Testing: Select continue, and then test your zap. If all goes well, your AI will receive your message and generate a response:

Happy zapping! 😁

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