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Document Editor

Learn how to create documents and save them to your Personal AI memory.
Create new documents in our text editor to teach your personal AI about you. Type, paste, edit, tag, and timestamp the content before uploading it

New Document

To access the Personal AI editor and create a document, press either the purple plus next to the search bar (for upload into primary AI) or the plus next to an AI profile.
If you want to upload data to a specific AI profile, select the AI profile and then press the plus while hovering. Remember that your primary AI ( 'My AI') is unified and carries the data of all AI profiles.
Therefore data uploaded into an AI profile will sync to your primary AI profile. For example, if I upload a document into my 'Artificial Intelligence AI' it will also save to my ishaanpomichter2073 AI).

Upload to specific AI profile

Upload to only primary AI profile

Write or paste your content. You can add a title, tag topics, people, and events related to the memory block ("event" is similar to a "title"), and modify the timestamp (if you are pasting pre-existing content).
Click on the upload icon in the bottom-right corner to save it.
Screenshot of new document being uploaded
Screenshot of new document being uploaded
Long texts might be broken down into multiple memory blocks.
Formatting, and hyperlinks do not appear in the memory stack overview.
If you click on your "Memory Stack" you will be able to see the number increase in the top of your interface and blocks being formed. If you don't see new blocks being created keep in mind your data is uploaded given it's metadata.
So for example if you upload a blog from 2001, most likely, the blocks will be formed at the top of your memory stack. If you want to search for the raw data, use the search bar and type in a phrase from the URL in quotations.
GIF of memory block creation
GIF of memory block creation


Incomplete documents that have not been uploaded yet are saved in your inbox. You can access them by clicking on "Inbox" on the left side.
Click on a draft to continue editing it.
To discard it, click on the vertical ellipsis and click on "Delete."
If you see a item in your inbox that you wanted to upload, click on the purple upload button in the bottom right corner.
Screenshot of saved drafts
Screenshot of saved drafts

Toolbar with AI Helpers

Highlight text in the document and use the AI Helper toolbar to assist in creating whatever you can image.