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Sync Google Calendar

This guide will dive into setting up and configuring your calendars with Sync Google Calendar.

Sync events via the Sync Google Calendar app. Synced events record information, such as people you met and locations you visited, to periods in time. It is best used with Sync Speech or Sync Writing during those events to improve your personal AI's training.

Linking the App & Adding your First Calendar

To add the Sync Google Calendar app to your personal AI, open the Link App window by clicking on the "+" icon in the top-right corner. Click on "Sync" under Google Calendar.


Pop-Up Blocker
You may need to temporarily enable pop-ups to link Google Calendar and Twitter to your personal AI. See the troubleshooting guide for more details.

You'll be redirected to a Google webpage where you select which account to link.

You need to authorize Personal.ai to access your Google Calendar for the integration to function. All 5 boxes must be checked for the syncing to happen.

You may see a slightly different screen than the one shown if you have previously authorized Personal.ai to access your Google account.


If you have linked your accounts, the first pop-up window will display "You have successfully connected Google Calendar to Personal AI!" The second pop-up window is blank.

You can close both pop-up windows and return to your personal AI. You may need to reload the application to see the added calendar.


Viewing Synced Events

Once a calendar is linked, your Memory Stack will be automatically populated with your events. To view them, click on the calendar icon on the top-right corner.

Your calendar events appear in the bottom-right. If you have Memory Blocks during those events, their number will appear next to each event. This indicates that your personal AI is associating these Memory Blocks with the event. Click on the number to view those Memory Blocks.


Events are displayed for the selected date. You can navigate the calendar to view past and future days. To view all Memory Blocks for that day, click on the date (in the orange box in the screenshot below). This opens your Memory Stack at that date.


Google Calendar App Refresh Cycle
Your personal AI scans for changes in your Google Calendar every 15 minutes. It may take a few minutes for a change in Google to appear on your personal AI.

Multiple Calendars

To link multiple calendars to your personal AI, use the same method as your first calendar or click on "+ Add Account" in the Sync Google Calendar app.


Differentiate your calendar events by customizing the color of each calendar. Click on the gear icon next to the calendar to display the configurations.


Select a color and click on the left arrow to return to the Sync Google Calendar app.


Deleting a Calendar

You can delete a calendar and its associated data from your personal AI.

Deleting a calendar will disconnect your Google Calendar account from your personal AI. Events that were already synced will remain, but no new events will be synced.

Deleting a calendar and its data will disconnect your Google Calendar account from your personal AI and remove all synced events.

In either case, Memory Blocks (written and spoken thoughts) associated with the events will not be deleted.

Click on the gear icon next to the calendar to display the configurations and click on "Delete."



Click on "Delete Account Only" or "Delete Account & Data." This action is irreversible.


Sync Google Calendar & Memory Blocks

Your personal AI extracts the time and people from your calendar events. If you sync during those events, your personal AI connects your Memory Blocks to the people in your calendar. Effectively, your personal AI learns that your recorded conversations were with a certain person, even if you never mention their name or record them.



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