General and personal suggestions

Personal Suggestions

Generate large form content given the beginning of the sentence. This is akin to GPT-3, but in our case, it's your personal generative AI model.
Input: In the AI editor, enter a prompt or the beginning of a sentence. Select your text, and click on My AI Suggestion.
Tip: The more contextual the input prompt is, the longer and more relevant the output will be.
Output: Use the output and develop the content further.
Use cases:
  • Generate content from your own memory stack alongside with GPT-3 to develop richer content faster.
  • A generative AI model is more creative and engaging in a DM/lounge experience, besides simply being able to answer questions.

General (GPT-3) Suggestions

Ask GPT-3 a question to fetch ideas from the internet.
Input: In the editor, type a question or an incomplete sentence, select the text and use General AI Suggestion.
Tip: Use longer prompts for longer responses. Or change the S/M/L (small, medium, large) control for shorter or longer responses.
Output: Direct results from GPT-3 that one can copy and use in the AI editor document.
Use cases:
  • Handy tool to compare and contrast your personal AI's responses with a general AI's responses.
  • Work with external information from GPT-3 to personalize your content and add to your memory stack.

General and personal suggestions tutorial video