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🟣Your branded domain πŸ‘‘

Create a digital brand around your personal AI and seamlessly share your profile with a domain.

During account creation, you will be prompted to enter the fields for your personal profile and personal AI profile

How to share your AI Branded Profile and Domain

After you share a given AI profile once, you can use your personal AI domain to speed up the process when inviting people.

Step 1:

Select the AI profile that you want to share. Your AI privacy mode, by default, will be "Private." Change the privacy to "Shared (access must be requested) or Public (no request needed to message) depending on your preferences.

Step 2:

Click on "View Public Profile." Then copy your AI domain and send it to your contacts.

Now people can use your AI domain to message you. If the invitee already has an account, clicking the "message button" will automatically send an invite which will appear in your invitations. The invite will be sent after account creation if the person does not have an account.

Users on the premium can customize the domain to their profile

Step 1:

Have your primary AI profile selected. Then press "Share" in the top right corner and "Customize domain."

Step 2:

Enter in your desired domain. Press "Save." Only people on paid tiers can change this domain.

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