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Integrations 👑

Link your Personal AI with your favorite applications.


Zapier is a third-party tool that is not made by While using the integration is free, using Zapier requires an account which may incur a subscription fee depending on your selected services. Please review their privacy policy and terms of services before using their services.

Google Documents

The synchronization of the Google Document is achieved by leveraging the document link, which is provided through the 'Share' feature within Google Drive. This link acts as a conduit, enabling seamless integration and syncing between platforms.

Microsoft OneDrive

The upload of a file in Microsoft One Drive is achieved by leveraging the document link, which is provided through the file uploader. This allows seamless integration.


By integrating the clipboard feature with, you can automate the process of transferring copied text directly to This is particularly beneficial for several reasons:
  1. 1.
    Efficiency: It eliminates the need to manually paste the copied text into, thereby saving time.
  2. 2.
    Simplicity: The process of copying text from any source to becomes seamless, reducing the complexity involved in shifting between different windows or applications.
  3. 3.
    Productivity: By streamlining this process, you can focus more on the tasks at hand, thus increasing overall productivity.

External API

For people who want to use our publicly available API to sync new memory blocks programmatically, please visit our external memory API guide. Memory blocks are processed from each API call and they will surface on your memory stack.