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Google documents [Premium tier]

To upload data in a Google Drive folder, you must be on the premium tier. Learn more here -

Step 1:

Click on "My AI." Then click on "integrations."

Step 2:

Click connect.

Step 3:

Sign into your Google account.

Step 4:

Grant Access.

Step 5:

Select individual folders, slides, or documents to initiate a one-time upload/sync of the contents within the given file.
When you click on a file, it will upload, given its metadata, meaning if the document is very old (created X months/years ago), it will appear at the top/middle of your stack, not the bottom.

How will I know that my files have been uploaded if they are older?

You will see your memory block count increase.
Navigate to your documents to find the file. Here, you can delete it, edit it, and reupload it.
Furthermore, if you want to double-check, you can search through your memory stack by pressing Command+C or clicking on the search bar on the top left of your interface.
Search with quotes if you are searching for more then one word.