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Discover how to effectively use your Personal AI. This straightforward tutorial can be grasped in about half an hour. Developing a daily routine of interacting with your Personal AI can significantly enhance everything from your mental well-being to your productivity, and even your cognitive abilities. Nevertheless, getting started can seem daunting.

What is a memory block?

A memory block is a stored thought, event or information that constitutes the building elements of your personal AI's knowledge. They are individual pieces of information that are stored in your personal AI.

What is a memory stack?

The collection of your memory blocks is called your memory stack. The memory stack page of your application is where you explore all your recorded memories.

What is an AI domain?

Your AI domain is the address where you and other people can interact with your personal AI. Think of it as your personal AI's homepage. You can publicize your Branded Personal AI page, and people can message you by visiting the domain.

What is a personal score?

Shown as a percentage, it represents the accuracy and authenticity of a message created by your personal AI based on your available information.

What does stack or stacking refer to? (Saving memories)

The shortened version of Memory Stack. Also, this word can be an action meaning 'save memories to your Memory Stack.'