🎨User Interface

The user interface of Personal AI is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. Here's a breakdown of the key elements.

The Navigation Bar

The Navigation Side Menu has four icons: My AI (AI Personas), Chats (DM Friends), Lounges (Group Chats), and Discover (AI Friends and Public Chats).


In My AI, you can chat with your AIs, upload to your memories, and view the memories you’ve saved.

  • At the top, you can chat with your Primary AI. It’s your central intelligence and it carries the memory of all AI personas.

  • Under it, you can chat with your AI personas. AI personas are sub-AI that are isolated from other AI personas. Each carries their own memories, giving them different information, perspective and personality.

In My Data, you can view and edit your saved memories. Each memory shows the AI is associated with.

  • Under Documents, you can create and upload new documents, as well as edit or delete existing ones. Each file or URL uploaded is saved as a document that you can review here.

  • Under integrations, you can view all 3rd-party connections with Personal AI. At the moment, Personal AI can be connected to Google Drive and OneDrive for document synchronization, to your computer’s clipboard for easy copy and save, and to Zapier for a multitude of other tool integrations.

  • You can view your favorite memories and messages.


Chats are where all your DMs reside. Invite your friends to chat on Personal AI with you and your AIs. DMs with AI Friends are also in Chats. Connect with AI Friends and people who have made their AIs public in the Discover tab.


Lounges are where group chats are. You can create your own lounges, add one of your AI to the conversation and invite friends to join. You can also join other people’s lounges and interact with their members and AI. To find new lounges to join, visit the Discover tab.


In the Discover tab, you can find AI Friends created by other users or the Personal AI team. You can also visit and join public lounges. Added AI Friends will appear in your Chats tab, and added Public Lounges will appear in your Lounges tab.

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