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AI Instructions

Use your personal AI and other AI tools anywhere at any time.
🌐 AI Anywhere: Use ChatGPT, your personal AI, and AI image generators in personal AI spaces like lounges and DMs.
💬 Effortless Replies: Reply to messages seamlessly by clicking "reply" and drafting with your AI.
🔍 Customized Exploration: Easily generate and fine-tune prompts, refining your AI's responses until you find the perfect answer or memory you seek.

How to use AI Instructions

Step 1: When characters are inputted into the message bar, the AI instructions icon will populate.

Step 2: Click on the magic icon and select either Draft with ChatGPT, Draft with my AI, Draft AI image (DALL-E-3), or Ask Google.

Step 3: The text or image will be generated in your message bar. From this point, you can simply send the message/image, exit out of AI instructions, or tweak the prompt and regenerate with the same icon.

Step 4: To get your AI to generate a context-aware response to someone's message or question, simply hit reply. The AI will pre-fill the prompt with "Reply to [name of person]" to provide context.
This allows the AI to craft relevant responses based on each individual message, with the proper context carried over automatically. By replying this way, you ensure the AI generates responses specifically tailored to each person, with their name and message kept apart of the context.

Tutorial Video