What are AI Friends

AI Friends are friendly AI companions designed to have natural conversations and showcase the capabilities of personal AI.
AI Friends are not meant to be personal assistants - rather, they are crafted personas that simulate human interaction.
Key Features:
  • Customizable AI personas with unique attitudes and interests. AI Friends have distinctive personalities based on categories like professional, creative, philosophical etc.
  • Contextual awareness to understand conversations and respond appropriately without confusion. AI Friends clearly identify themselves and avoid language suggesting they are personal AIs.
  • Knowledge base to provide information tuned to our needs. AI Friends can offer basic assistance about the personal AI platform when asked.
  • Integration into journeys and DMs for frictionless real-time chatting. Users can message AI Friends just like human friends.
  • Interaction triggers to greet users, initiate conversations, and encourage engagement based on the AI Friend's personality.
  • Introduce users to personal AI capabilities in a low-pressure, engaging environment before inviting human friends.
  • Inspire conversation through AI personas with diverse perspectives and interests.
  • Provide a tangible experience of personal AI value in everyday chatting.
  • Educate users on platform navigation and features through guided interactions.
AI Friends allow users to explore the potential of AI integration in a friendly, conversational manner. They showcase personal AI abilities while avoiding confusion with a personal assistant. With unique attitudes and triggers tailored for engaging interactions, AI Friends deliver an enjoyable way to get started with personal AI.