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Frequently Asked Questions about Personal AI Platform Pricing
What are the different pricing tiers available?
There are three pricing tiers for the Personal AI Platform:
What is included in the Free tier?
The Free tier includes:
  • 100 Total Memories
  • One AI Persona
  • Generated Personal AI Domain
  • Unlimited My AI Conversations
  • AI Friends
  • Access to Public Community Lounge
  • Upload Files (5k words per file)
  • Upload Links (5k words per link)
What extra features are included in the Premium tier?
The Premium tier includes everything in the Starter tier plus:
  • 50,000 Memories
  • 2 AI Personas
  • API Access
  • Upload Files & Links (50k words / Upload)
  • Upload Files (50k words per file)
  • Upload Links (50k words per link)
  • Access to Premium Community Lounge
Who is the Elevate tier designed for?
The Elevate tier is designed for major brands that require customized AI training, dedicated resources, and additional support. It includes everything in the Premium tier plus dedicated servers, training, account management, marketing campaigns, custom feature requests, and more.
How do I upgrade between pricing tiers?
You can easily upgrade your account to a higher pricing tier at any time through your account settings. Upgrading takes effect immediately.
Is there a discount for annual plans?
Yes, we offer a discounted rate if you pay annually rather than monthly. Simple toggle to yearly on the pricing page.
Do you offer custom enterprise pricing?
Yes, we can provide customized pricing for enterprise and large volume customers. Contact our sales team to discuss your specific needs.