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This guide will explain the Clarify option.

Clarified Transcription

When speaking, our sentence structure and our train of thought aren't as clear as written text. With clarified text enabled, your personal AI will paraphrase what you said while remaining faithful to its meaning. This improves readability and helps your personal AI's training.

Things that clarify can eliminate include:

  • Repeated words;
  • Filler words;
  • Long disjoint sentences;
  • Incorrect syntax;
  • Etc.


Memory Block Option

Turn on/off Clarify by clicking on the light bulb in the top-right corner of the Memory Block. Your mouse needs to hover over the Memory Block for the options to appear.

When enabled, the Memory Block synced via Sync Speech is clarified. When disabled, it is shown as originally transcribed.



How to Clarify & Remove Filler Words from Your Ideas


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