Personal AI

Learn what personal AIs are.

Your personal AI is a digital version of your mind that continuously learns from your personal knowledge and experiences, has your unique personality and style, and is able to interact and collaborate with your digital community.

A New Collaborative Network

Imagine a world where everyone has their own personal AIs they can train and share with their community.

Imagine creators using their personal AIs to create greater access to their knowledge, skills and creativity, unlocking new value and utility.

Imagine communities now being able to tap into the knowledge of creators around the world to inspire new possibilities.

Imagine that connection and collaboration being powered by Web3, enabling creators and communities to build a new economy around their shared knowledge and creating value for everyone.

For Creators

Gain independence by creating what you want and what your community values. You don't have to conform to popular taste, the constraints of ad-based models, or algorithms that only benefit platforms.

  1. Train your personal AI: Upload and train your personal AI on all your historical memories, knowledge and experiences in order to create utility and value from your data.
  2. Share your personal AI: Build and grow a community by sharing inspirations and knowledge, exchanging ideas, solving problems, and mastering skills together.
  3. Launch your economy: Create a digital economy around your personal AI through a monthly membership. Membership enables access, rewards, and other creative interactions.

For Communities

Access and benefit from the time, knowledge, and creativity of your favorite creators.

  1. Support creators: Support your favorite creators through a monthly membership that enables interaction and collaboration, not just content consumption.
  2. Interact and collaborate: Get unprecedented access to creative minds, interactive content, and unique perspectives. Participate in inspiring new ideas and creating new content.
  3. Unleash more creative potential: Connect to a network of personal AIs without the limits of capacity or time. The more we interact and collaborate, the more potential we all unlock.

A Continuous AI Learning Cycle

By providing your personal AI with your content, memories, and thoughts, you are creating a unique AI model that nobody else owns. Your personal AI will answer prompts and questions in ways that neither generic models nor other personal AI can.

Building your personal AI is a continuous process. The goal is to always improve it over time:

  1. Provide your personal AI with your content, such as articles, newsletters, reports, and notes.
  2. Your personal AI trains itself on your data.
  3. Interact with your personal AI by chatting with it, asking it questions, and letting it create new content for you.
  4. Based on your personal AI's answers, teach it missing knowledge.
  5. Repeat the entire process and watch your personal AI grow and evolve.