Basics: Say and Ask.

Send factual information to your personal AI and ask open-ended questions.

Input: Enter a paragraph about your background in the message bar. The key is to type fully formed paragraphs.

Tip: Whenever any new data is identified, your personal AI will process the information to your memory stack. Your memory stack is where all your data is structured automatically for your personal AI models to train on. The larger your memory stack is, the more your personal AI remembers about you.

Output: Now, start asking questions within the scope of what you told your personal AI.

Tip: Open-ended questions are great, but if you are stuck, start typing keywords related to what you are trying to ask. For example, type Aira and your personal AI will autocomplete a question for you.

Use cases:

  • Remember any factual information you have and return to it later by asking your personal AI questions.
  • (Coming soon) Draft responses to frequently asked questions in your personal AI DMs and lounges.

Additional I/O:

  • Use the AI editor to stack larger text that doesn't fit in the message bar.