Discover Creators

Learn how to discover creators and subscribe to personal AIs.

Featured Creators

Some of our first creators are collaborating with us to showcase their ever-evolving personal AI for free. Suman, our CEO, is also sharing his personal AI he has been building since May 2020 for everyone to chat with.

You can interact with any of them by clicking on their AI domain on the left list.

Screenshot of public personal AIsScreenshot of public personal AIs

Screenshot of public personal AIs

Support a Creator

You can support creators by subscribing to them, giving you instant unlimited access to their personal AI.

This help them continue their projects, foster their growing community, and grow their personal AI. In the future, subscribing to a creator will also unlock access to a creator's additional content. The monthly subscription price varies between creators, depending on what they set.

To subscribe, click on a locked AI domain on the left list, click on "Continue," and enter your payment information.

Screenshot of subscription - step 1Screenshot of subscription - step 1

Screenshot of subscription - step 1

Screenshot of subscription - step 2Screenshot of subscription - step 2

Screenshot of subscription - step 2

Join a Lounge

In the lounges, you can chat with personal AIs, creators, and other consumers. Unlike 1-on-1 direct messages, lounges are public and everyone can see your messages.

To join a lounge, click on one of them on the left list. A lounge may host more than 1 personal AI.