FAQ - Uploading & Syncing

How do I create new memory blocks?

There are multiple ways to upload and sync new memory blocks from textual sources. Visit our detailed guides for each method below.

Can I select what is uploaded on a web page?

Your personal AI automatically uploads the body of the web page you provide. Depending on how it is laid out, this can also upload headers, menus, and footers. To precisely control what gets uploaded, create a new document from the web page or use sync-clipboard.

Can I upload audio files?

We are currently working on a feature to upload audio files, in addition to our existing text file and web page uploads.

Where is sync speech?

Sync speech, our live audio syncing app, is temporarily unavailable while we make improvements to your personal AI so you can upload audio files and connect your video conferencing app (e.g. Zoom, Google Meets) in the future.

How do I turn on/off sync clipboard?

Open the sync clipboard app by clicking on the clipboard icon in the top-right corner and turn on/off clipboard syncing by clicking on the toggle switch.

When activated, the app will monitor your OS clipboard continuously and add any text it detects to the app. Text added this way will be synced automatically after 60 seconds. During that time, you can trigger the syncing immediately or cancel it.

You can also review the clipboard memory blocks in the app and delete them.


Screenshot of sync clipboard being used to sync a website

For more information on syncing copied texts, visit our detailed guide on sync clipboard.