Pricing Plans

Learn about the features available for each subscription plan.

Subscribe to our plan built for individuals and get 1 month for free, or contact us for a personalized plan suited for creators with a community.

Screenshot of subscription optionsScreenshot of subscription options

Screenshot of subscription options


Payment Cycle

Note that with our subscription plans, you pay at the end of your monthly cycle. If you cancel, you will keep your access until the end of your monthly cycle and you will be invoiced, but your subscription will not automatically renew.

Individual - $40/Month

Augment your creativity and inspire new ideas by uploading memories to your personal AI. This plan is designed for individual users who want to build their personal AI and interact with it.

All paid plans include the following base features:

  • 1 default and 1 custom AI domain where your personal AI resides.
  • Upload data to your personal AI via URLs or by typing it in the application:
    • You maintain full ownership of your data.
    • There is no limit on how much you can upload.
  • Unlimited use of your personal AI capabilities:
    • Tagging, organizing, and knowledge graphing of your memories.
    • Connecting and synthesizing the topics in your memories.
    • Clarifying the text in your memories.
    • Generating summaries of specific topics based on your memories.
    • Generating inspirations to help you create new content.
    • Answering pre-populated questions.

Community - Contact Us

Unlock the full capabilities of your personal AI and create membership access to your personal AI for your community. This plan is designed for creators with a large library of content to teach their personal AI, who want to get started as quickly as possible, and who want to share their personal AI with their community.

For more information on the Community plan and your personal needs, contact us at [email protected].

The Community plan can include the following additional features:

  • Custom onboarding service and support.
  • A total of 1 default and 5 custom personal AI domains.
  • A total of 5 personal AI lounges for sharing.
  • Community serving personal AI capabilities:
    • Communicating with your community members via a messaging interface.
    • Holding multiple individual conversations.
    • Monetizing access to your personal AI via a monthly subscription.