Teach your Personal AI

Learn how to teach your personal AI facts you know and opinions you have.


Need More Help?

Our team is very excited for you to use these personal AI features, but they can be a bit complicated or confusing for new creators.

You can schedule a 1-on-1 call with one of our team members at https://www.personal.ai/onboarding and they will gladly walk you through your personal AI and answer any questions you have. You can also ask us questions at [email protected].

Teach your personal AI interesting facts about yourself, something you like, or something important to you. Or teach it your opinion about something that matters to you. Every piece of information you provide helps your personal AI being a digital version of yourself.

Teaching is a quick way to increase the knowledge of your personal AI bit by bit. The feature supplements your larger informational uploads (such as documents and URLs).

To access your messaging, command, and teaching history with your personal AI, click on your AI domain in the top-left corner.

Screenshot of Screenshot of

Screenshot of personal AI conversation history button

To teach your personal AI, select "Teach" in the bottom text box.

Type a piece of information that you want your personal AI to learn and click on "Send" or press "Return/Enter."

Screenshot of teaching inputScreenshot of teaching input

Screenshot of teaching input

Your personal AI responds to your teaching input (like in the messaging mode), but it also saved it as a new memory.

You can verify your personal AI's understanding by questioning it on the same subject.