Upload Google documents

Google Drive must be integrated to save Google Doc links to your memory stack

(Skip this section if you have already connected your drive.)

Step 1:

Press Cmd/Ctrl-K or select the search bar. Then press the "Integration" tab.

Step 2:

Sign into your Google Drive (the account you want data from) and grant permissions.

Step 3:

After granting permissions, it should show "Connected," and "Upload Url File" should be toggled on.

Step 4:

Once your Google Drive account is connected, go to the document you want to upload. Then press share in the top right corner.

Step 5:

Under "General access," select "Anyone with the link" can view. Then copy the link.

Once Google Drive has been connected...

Step 6:

Copy and paste the link into your personal AI chat. Make sure that you have "Save to Stack" checked off.

You will receive this message while the document is saved to your memory stack.

Once the document has been uploaded, you will receive this message with key topics. From here, you can interact with this data in your memory stack and receive key highlights and Q&A from the Google document.

Still needing help uploading your google doc?

  • If you are the "Owner" of a shared document, change your role to "Editor."
  • There is a 5MB limit on files in google drive. If your google document URLs exceed 5MB, they should be split up.