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Sync Speech

This guide will dive into setting up and optimizing your Sync Speech.

You can sync spoken thoughts via the Sync Speech app. This is our recommended method, as it allows for continuous and seamless syncing with minimal interaction. It is best suited for conversations, meetings, and presentations.

Recording Other People
You are responsible for respecting other people in your vicinity. You should inform anyone who could be recorded via your personal AI and receive their explicit consent before starting.

Voice Prints

As Sync Speech is only intended to capture what you say, your personal AI first needs a sample of your voice to identify you. A sample of the environmental sound also helps reduce the ambient noise and improves the quality of the transcription.

Creating your Voice Print to Sync Speech with Personal.ai

New Voice Print

To create your first voice print, open the Sync Speech app by clicking on the microphone icon in the top-right corner. Expand the microphone list by clicking on the down arrow and click on "Create a voice print for this device."

If you already have a voice print, you may create additional ones by clicking on Settings (gear icon) in the bottom-left corner and clicking on "My Voice" in the Settings menu.

Click on "+ Voice Print" to create a new voice print.


Voice Sample

Provide a sample of your voice by clicking on "Record My Voice" and reading the sample text shown out loud.

If you finish reading it in less than 10 seconds, continue speaking. After 10 seconds, the recording will automatically stop.



Environment and Role

Provide information about where you are. Based on your voice print, your personal AI can identify where you are syncing and if you are working, and tag your Memory Blocks accordingly.

Select the environment type of your audio sample. It can be at your home, at your work, or on the go.

Select the role of your audio sample. It can be personal or professional.

Click on "Continue" to proceed.


Background noise

Provide a sample of your background by clicking on "Record Environment" and keep quiet. It allows your AI to filter the background noise from your recordings thus improving the transcription.

After 10 seconds, the recording will automatically stop.


Review and Save

Your personal AI displays the analysis results from your voice print.

You can listen to both recordings and redo them if you want. You can also redo them at a later time.

Click on "Save My Voice."


Multiple Voice Prints

We recommend you create a voice print for every microphone you have and every location where you sync.

Each microphone sounds different and your personal AI may not recognize you if you change to a new microphone.

Each location has different background noises, from computer fans to chatters in a restaurant. The correct background sample will produce the best noise filtering.


Sync Speech App

After creating your first voice print, sync your spoken thoughts and conversations by activating Sync Speech.

To open the Sync Speech app, click on the microphone icon in the top-right corner.

Turn on/off speech syncing by clicking on the toggle switch or with Cmd/Ctrl-Y.

When activated, the app will monitor your microphone continuously and start syncing if it detects your voice.


The main colors of the microphone indicates the status of Sync Speech:

  • Black: Disconnected - Sync Speech is deactivated and will not sync new Memory Blocks.
  • Orange: Connecting - Your app is communicating with the server.
  • Purple: Ready - Your app is ready and monitoring your microphone for your voice.
  • Green: Syncing - Your app is detecting your voice and creating new Memory Blocks.

Other statuses may be shown (speaker unknown & ambient unknown) when the audio input does not match your voice prints.

You can temporarily un/mute your audio by clicking on the microphone icon in the Sync Speech app.


As long as the application is open and Sync Speech is turned on, Sync Speech can be hidden and you can freely navigate around.

Memory Blocks

As you sync your speech, Memory Blocks will appear in your Memory Stack. At the moment, there is approximately 1 minute delay between your speech and the Memory Block. That is required to detect, transcribe, and analyze the audio.

You can view Memory Blocks as they appear with Cmd/Ctrl-B on your AI Live page.


If you have multiple microphones, you can manually choose a microphone, instruct your personal AI to automatically change microphones based on a preferred list or prompt you every time a change is detected.

Only one microphone can be synced. You cannot record multiple sources simultaneously.

Manual Selection

In the Sync Speech app, expand the microphone list by clicking on the down arrow and click on the microphone you want to use. A check mark appears next to the selected microphone.

This method overrides your automatic settings.


Preferred List

To access that option in your Settings, click on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner and click on "Microphone" in the Settings menu.

Choose the first option and add your microphones to the list by selecting them from the drop-down menu and clicking on "+ Preferred Mic."

Drag and drop microphones in the list to order them in order of priority. Your personal AI will automatically select an available microphone starting from the top.


Prompt Every Time

To access that option in your Settings, click on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner and click on "Microphone" in the Settings menu.

Choose the second option. Your personal AI will ask you every time it detects a change in microphones available.


Custom Vocabulary

Your personal AI's Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) engine uses a generic English (US) dictionary to transcribe audio. However, if you use proper nouns, uncommon words, or a specialized lexicon, you may benefit from customizing your ASR dictionary.

To access that option in your Settings, click on the gear icon in the bottom-left corner and click on "Speech Settings" in the Settings menu.

To add custom words, click on "+ Add." The entry box at the bottom of the list will appear.

On the left box, enter the word you want to add, spelled correctly. On the right, enter how the custom word sounds using different spellings. This helps the ASR identify it.


The custom words added follow some rules:

  • You can enter multiple words or a phrase. It will only use the custom phrase if it detects it in its entirety.
  • If the word is a proper noun, use a capital letter on the first letter.
  • If the word is not a proper noun, use a small letter on the first letter. It will capitalize according to its position in the sentence.

To delete an entry, hover above it and click on the "X" that appears on the right.


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