Getting started

Follow these steps to understand the basics of your personal AI.

Say and Ask

Send factual information to your personal AI and ask open-ended questions.
Input: Enter a paragraph about your background in the message bar. The key is to type fully formed paragraphs.
Tip: Whenever new data is identified, your AI will process the information to your memory stack. Your memory stack is where all your data is structured automatically for your personal AI models to train on. The larger your memory stack is, the more your personal AI remembers about you.
After sending the message, notice the two green check marks. This means your ai "stacked" or uploaded the message to your stack. If you input a full sentence with a period, your personal ai will identify that you are uploading data, and rather than asking a question or prompt.
Stacked message
Output: Now, start asking questions within the scope of what you told your personal AI. This can be in a DM with a friend or directly to your own personal AI.
Tip: Open-ended questions are great, but if you are stuck, start typing keywords related to what you are trying to ask. For example, type Aira and your personal AI will autocomplete a question for you.

Continue to chat in DMs, lounges, or even with your own personal AI, and your AI will learn from your messages

To bootstrap your AI and learn about other methods to train and teach your AI faster, click below: